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An overview of the Sims Urban Oasis project

One of the most promising residential projects in recent times is the one known as the Urban Oasis Singapore condominium project. It is located right in the heart of D14 located in Sims Drive. Funded by the GuocoLand Corporation, there is a reason it is being hyped up the way it is. You can enjoy a life of luxury along with being surrounded by all the basic amenities you need.

an overview of the sims urban oasis project

Project Details

The tenure of the land it is built on is of 99 years in total. The total area of the floor of this condo is being built on measures 257,164 square feet. There is no lack of funding for this projects either because it has been taken charge of by GuocoLand Corporation which is a pretty big deal, to be honest. As per plans, it will be finished completely by the December of 2018.


As far the location is concerned, the Sims Urban Oasis project will be located right at the junction of 2 roads: the Sims Drive and the Alujnied Rd. That automatically implies that this place is pretty close to the Aljunied MRT station as well. Not only that, you will find tons of bus stations and other modes of transport in the area as well.


As far as the plot area is concerned, it extends all the way up to 71,000 sq. metres in total and more. As per speculation, the plan that will most likely be implemented is that of building 3 towers having a total of 25 levels each. And as far as the residential units are concerned as well, there will be around 900 in total.

So this is the basic overview of the Sims Urban Oasis project. Sure, it is a long way from being finished, but even so, it promises to be one of the best condos residential projects in recent times. It still has a lot of time before it is done, but if you are interested, you can sign up for it beforehand.

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