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Sturdee Residence provides you the best home in Singapore

Getting a proper home in the cities like the Singapore is very much challenging. Here the population is congested. Getting the right home is a difficult job over here. You will not get enough homes or the flats to buy here. Getting a second hand home is also tough over here. Sturdee residence condo provides you the homes with all the benefits. You will get them in an easy way and the homes are of the deluxe facilities.

sturdee residence provides you the best home in singapore

Sturdee residence location

The Sturdee residence has various facilities. From here all the places that are important in the city is too close. You will be able to communicate easily. You will get other facilities too. The project details are over here. The Urban Development Authority (URA) has given an opportunity to the developers mentioned. They have sold the land as a part of the Government Land Sales. The land is taken in the centre of the city. From here all the communications are too easy.

Nearby places

The location of Sturdee condo is bounded by the Petain Road; Beatty Road and the area is very close to the places like the Jalan Besar, Lavendor Road and the Seragoon Road. The site is of the area 65.784 square feet and here approximately 200 residential complexes will be built here. The residential developments that are too close are the New Condo development authority in the Sturdee road. This is also too near to the City square Residences, the Citron residences and so many other places are too close to the place.

Best facilities

You will get the important places in the city too near. You will get the best facilities over here. You do not have to worry about the nearby places. All the important offices, medical facilities, police station are here. Get the Sturdee residence before they are finished out otherwise you may regret in the future.

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