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The peak residences are on the promising project

Are you waiting to hear some extraordinary project? Then the information that will make you most spell bound is the upcoming project that is happening in the Phnom Penh is none other than the Peak Cambodia. After the successful launch of the project Bridge this is the second integrated project happening for the peak residences. The project comprises of three buildings, one of the residential the other two are for the officials and supported by a world class mall and retail shops. Followed by that the third building is one of the skyscraper that will carry away millions of hearts with its golden bronze color.

the peak residences are on the promising project

The location

Talking about the location of this magnificent project, it is being built in the center core of the city. Thus, one can gain access to any point very easily. The Peak location will be facing the Diamond Island while standing on the bank of the river Mekong. Sihanouk Boulevard is just two min walk from the tower. Many other casinos and malls will be near to it. The Convention Centre and Embassies will be on the opposite of it. Comprising of more than 900 residential apartments for the peak residences it is being supported by a chain of 150 retail shops for the residents. In other words, it could be assumed to be an oasis in the clouds.

The future growth

If one is thinking about the property yield of the peak residences, then he or she must get assured that the price will get double in a mere four to five years and annually if it's being rented then seven to eleven percentage growth could be seen. The positive side that could be seen from the project, small businessman of the local is very much interested to buy a bulk. Lastly, such great projects such as The Bridge @ Cambodia and now the The Peak are often seen and thus one can invest his or her money without any hesitation.

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